JESUS GIL ESCOIN S.A. is a family Company founded in 1958 by Jesus Gil Escoin. It has been always -and it continues being- property of the founder’s family. With a long-term experience in manufacturing paper flexible packaging and machinery, produces hexagonal bottom sacks since its establishment, and SOS bags since 1994.

The company was born because the need for cement manufacturers in the Iberian Peninsula to fill their product in sacks, wich before were produced form other raw-materials like jute. The evolution since the beginning, with hand-made production, has continued until nowadays with the application of the newest technologies available in the market. The headquarter in Zaragoza was originally workshop and machinery factory, but later it became an SOS bags factory, due to the market’s and client’s needs. GIL ESCOIN has manufactured machinery for Spain and has exported to Asian, African and Middle-eastern countries, a fact that has allowed the company to have a great knowledge in machine’s configuration, maintenance and production process from a global perspective.

The company’s quality standards force the company to have a constant innovation and investment in newest market-technologies, which has placed the company as a model of Spanish and European market, exporting 20 % of its total production.

In the last years, GIL ESCOIN has widened its market to retail products, amplifying its usual terrain in industrial SOS bags and hexagonal bottom sacks to the commercial products. Because the company is the biggest SOS industrial bags producer in the Iberian Peninsula, its accumulated experience and production capacity allow it being very competitive in the commercial sector. Clients are served directly, without intermediaries, benefiting them in the product’s final price.


Design Center


The design and prepress center gives GIL ESCOIN complete autonomy in packaging production. It owns equipment for flexographic plates production and 1:1 models confection. Consulting services, and counseling are also provided for new model or design development. We also have a big server which stores information of designs for clients, as well as a complete ink laboratory.



The company has two centers: in Saragossa, where pre-press, outline printing, design, SOS bags production and headquarter are based; and Albalate del Arzobispo (TERUEL), where hexagonal bag production is placed.
The center of Saragossa is the biggest production SOS industrial bags in Iberian Peninsula, with a capacity of producing more than 40 Million pieces per year.
Albalate del Arzobispo’s center is one of the most cutting-edge technology factories in Europe in hexagonal bottom sack production, with a capacity of producing around 140 million pieces per year. Quality in all processes, continual improvement and investment are steady.